“Men without faith are no different than mere beasts.”

— Aria

Aria Geraldine was born into luxury. The graceful lady is the youngest daughter of the wealthiest man in the Old North, Baron Gareth Geraldine. There is no doubt that Aria is destined to be part of the highest levels of society, as is dictated by the caste-centric religion preached by the Church of Deus Valarus. She was taught all the noble arts since childhood: fencing, history, decorum, and, above all, faith. A true follower of the Deus, Aria has never doubted that her deity is the one true faith; that other religions are but falsehoods swaying humans away from the path to salvation.

House Geraldine is a noble house closely associated to the Church. Their sons and daughters often become members of the Church’s inner circle, either as an official of the church or joining one of its many chamber militants. Oddly enough, its heirs often pledge allegiance to the Bladebearer House of Levant instead of House Belenus. Many speculated that this is because of the mercantile power of House Levant. Amongst the nobles of the Old North, silver hair is viewed as a sign of true nobility since the legendary Baron Riviere, often viewed as the greatest knight in history, was also born with this trait. The fact that House Geraldine’s heirs are born with silver hair means that they are a cut above other houses.

In combat, Aria is primarily a Tactician and secondarily a Guardian. She has the best healing powers of all the characters and is often used in a supportive role, holding back to store her energy and using divine protection to keep allies alive. However, Aria is no damsel in distress as her medium armour allows her to safely take a few hits and her sword carries holy strength. It would be wise to prioritize her survival since her healing powers and powerful buffs are too valuable to lose.