“Nobility is not just a blessing, but also a burden.”

— Cammile

Cammile Ryne is an outcast. Unlike other noble ladies, she does not aspire to become a great beauty or even a renowned knight. For Cammile, nothing in in the Old North interests her as much as the outside world. She grew up reading about tales of wondrous cities and magical beings, of man-made marvels and places beyond the mountains. Unfortunately, Cammile’s status as daughter to House Ryne means that her dreams of seeing the world will not come to pass. She is, first and foremost, tied to the obligation of nobility, to lead and govern the realm for the glory of the Old North.

House Ryne lives and dies by the river. These words were uttered by Robert Ryne the 3rd, grandfather of Cammile, and they were the truth. House Ryne possesses a large fleet of ships that travels up and down the Grand Flux, the large river that cuts through the centre of the Old North and flows out to the World’s End. They ply their trade as merchant-sailors, bringing goods from one end of the Old North to the other. Their allegiance to the Bladebearers of Levant is as old as the house itself, for they share similar approaches to trade and business.

In-game, Cammile is primarily a Trickster, inflicting many status effects to weaken the enemy. Her crossbow ensures that she can reach any enemy, both those that fly or hiding in the back line. Her secondary Tactician role focuses on offence. Utilizing vast knowledge about creatures and anatomy, she increases the damage of her allies as well as discover enemies’ strengths and weaknesses. All in all, Cammile is a good fit for players who likes a tactical and calculated approach to combat.