“Honor doesn’t fill your stomach.”

— Isaac Goldenlake

Not everyone is lucky enough to be born a noble. With the strict caste system enforced by the Church of Deus Valarus, those born as commoners are bound into a life of servitude and hardship. Isaac is one such person. The son of a farmer in the Eastern Plains, Isaac knew that he was not meant for greatness. That he will live and die as an insignificant part of history. He does not mind this, for there are far too many problems in the life of a commoner for them to worry about their place in the world. Growing up, Isaac had to worry about bad harvests, plain bandits as well as the wild beasts that plague the Eastern Plains, eager to ruin the small farm owned by his family.

Life in the Eastern Plains is even harsher than most commoner’s lives. These farmers are taxed heavily and are obliged to send harvests to the surrounding noble houses as tribute. This environment results in a tough and rugged breed of people, dubbed the Plainsmen. They are adept in hunting wild animals by hiding in tall grass and ambushing them with daggers or bows. These Plainsmen are often recruited by noble houses to act as scouts, but it is also quite common for them to fall into a life of banditry, using their knowledge of the plains to attack merchants and travellers.

Isaac is one of the two primary Slayers of the party. Instead of single bursts of damage, he uses quick, rapid attacks to keep pressure on the enemy. His skills rarely uses a lot of Stamina, therefore can be used in rapid succession, picking one that suits the current need. For Isaac, valor has no worth in combat; a hunt is always to eat or to be eaten. This mindset acquired him versatile skills as a Trickster, reducing enemies’ effectiveness, exploiting their weaknesses, or bleeding them for a slow and painful death.