You can now pledge for Celestian Tales: Old North through PayPal! Please see the reward details for each tier on the Kickstarter Page.

This option will only be available until the end of the Kickstarter’s project duration. We really appreciate the early support you’re giving us, and we’d like to honour that trust.

Pledges made through PayPal are in United States Dollar (USD).


  • Choose the tier you would like to pledge for, and click ‘Add to cart’.
  • Choose any add-ons you would like to add, and click ‘Add to cart’.
  • Choose the shipping fees and click ‘Add to cart’.
    • Collector Tier requires $15 shipping fee.
    • Treasurer Tier and above requires $30 shipping fee.
    • Any Physical Add-on requires $30 shipping fee.
    • Only add shipping fees once to your cart! We can send physical items together, so you should not have to add more fees.
  • Click ‘View cart’ and make sure everything is in place, then click ‘Check out with PayPal’ to  continue to the processing page.
  • When we have received your pledge, we will add your name on the backers list. This is done manually, so it might take some time until your name is listed.
  • Thank you for your pledge!