“Strength is the only truth of the world.”

— Reynard

Raised under the shadow of Dawn’s Edge, Reynard’s life has been one of constant battle with the giant denizens of the forest. He killed his first beast at the age of fourteen and has fought creatures that would bring fear into the hearts of full fledged knights. Despite being a mere squire, Reynard’s titanic strength has earned him fame and the nickname ‘Butcher’. House Durandal originally offered to take him in for his knight training, but Reynard’s father decided to send him to House Levant instead so that he can learn about more than just fighting; but of governance and trade. This does not sit well with Reynard. He believes that each person has a role in this world, and for him that is to fight.

House de la Forêt is often mocked as a lesser noble due to their backwater land and less-than-cultured ways. It is a house of beast hunters and monster slayers, making their home by the edge of a great haunted forest. This forest, the Dawn’s Edge, is notorious for its monstrous beasts. They come out of the woods, attacking villagers and dragging them into the forest’s shadows, never to be seen again. It is the task of House de la Forêt’s heir to bring down these monsters using their trademark greataxes, weapons considered crude and unknightly by some.

In combat, Reynard is a brute. He hits incredibly hard as a Slayer, dealing the most damage in a single hit out of all characters. His secondary role as a Guardian allows him to wear heavy armour as well as increase his hit points total, making him durable. While he can strike with off-the-charts damage, many of his attacks come at a price. Some decreases his hit points, others lowers his defences, and some are inaccurate. A good player knows when to push with Reynard and when to stop.