In ancient times, men used to play games on boards or cards games. we are talking about the times when digitalization was beyond the dreams of people. Even after a long time of television coming into existence, people could not imagine that one day the invention of video will take the gaming industry by storm and change the life and the mindsets of the gamers. Today the popular slot games come in a video sequence. Had it not been in videos, the popular slot games would not have appealed people so much.

Why Video Themed Slot Games Are Fun To Play

Videos are always more appealing to human senses. Imagine a picture of the second world war lying before you and then imagine a documentary on second world war playing before you. Which one do you think will affect you more or keep you interested for a longer time. Of course the latter. Similarly, imagine a video of Adolf Hitler delivering his speech and on the other an audio clipping of the same. Which one will you listen more attentively? Of course the former. Videos are moving the representation of both the audio and visual e; elements of an event. Therefore they appeal you more. The similar principle applies to the popular slot games too.

Most Popular Slot Games To Try

Among the thousands of free slot games, we have brought to you the best among all for you to enjoy them.

  1. Call of Duty: it is an action packed game where the players in a group have to save their planet from an apocalypse
  2. Tomb Raider: Lara Croft has made many men drool over her action sequence and swift movements. With a gun in her hands fighting the enemies she has been the ultimate diva.
  3. Resident Evil: who doesn’t remember the horrifying logo of the namesake movie. The game resembles the same only with prize money tagged along with it.
  4. Street Fighter: this is the favorite arcade game of many age groups. As the name suggests it is an action game where the player has to fight their opponents to win the prize.
  5. Hitman: this one is a classic game that was made for the PC first and then gradually upgraded to the consoles. Later this superhero game became so hit that it was even made into a movie which was also a super hit. This game gives 15 chances to play and you have a chance to win with every free spin that the

Play Free Video Themed Slots

You can play the best of free video slots on online casino sites. These online casino sites are legal casinos that offer a casino bonus that can be in the form of no deposit bonus where you practically do not have to deposit any money. You can use this casino bonus to play the slot games as well as other casino games in the casinos and win real money in return.

If you are a novice player, a welcome bonus is a great springboard to a gaming adventure and a suitable option to master the principles of using a bonus. It’s a staple gift in every online casino, built around a deposit match percentage, and is usually the most generous bonus in the promotional department. Plus, some operators combine the welcome bonus with free spins. Aside from promos for newbies, there are countless deals offered to long-time players. No deposit deals get offered frequently, and they also benefit from cashback and reload bonuses. These types of boosts are available at Casino Adrenaline for Canada playershoping to play enticing slots for free.