“I will be remembered for what I did, not how I was born.”

— Ylianne

Ylianne is the result of a violent incident in which a human peasant forced himself upon an elven maiden. The man was dealt with, but the maiden chose to raise the child in her womb regardless of the circumstances of her conception. The child eventually grew up to become a cheerful and lively half-elf, a label she cannot seem to escape. While the elves treated her fairly, they also cannot help but pity her as a living breathing result of a great tragedy. Always keeping herself positive, Ylianne’s goal is to one day be a brave knight to make her mother proud.

Clan Valandyr is a tribe of forest-dwelling elves. They have existed in the Old North long before humans came, and lives in harmony with the land. They were the ones who brokered peace between the humans and the forest spirits, therefore creating the Old North as we know it today. While they are closer to nature than most humans, the Valandyr is not without their own culture. They adore songs, dances, and even paintings, using the various colours made by mixing forest berries.

One of the two primary Tacticians in the game, Ylianne approaches matters differently from Aria. Instead of defence, Ylianne favours speed and teamwork. Her healing powers are slightly under Aria’s, but she possesses powers that aids her allies build momentum, allowing them to use special attacks with greater frequency and accuracy. These powers however require good timing and knowledge about your team’s strength and weaknesses. With her secondary role of a Slayer, Ylianne is far from helpless on her own. She can use her bow to devastating effect, dealing damage from afar with accurate shots as well as showering the battlefield with a hail of arrows.