Celestial stories: the old North is a refreshing take on a traditional tour-based Japanese RPG style where your choices in its dark and sandy history form the world of tomorrow. When will the future finally come, is that what you expected?

The first of the three parts of the collection of celestial stories old North teems with rich hand-painted frames, moving images, outstanding personalities and a great interesting moralizing story that is informed through the eyes of the six main characters. The actions you do as well as the choices you make in heavenly stories: the old North will refer to the next episode of the series.

Experience what it’s like to take charge of a hero on a beautifully drawn Old North. Take on the role of one of six young nobles, learn your knight method, and help the lords you serve. When external pressure intimidates the land, you find yourself on your own brushed Up in the tides of war, where the deadliest opponents are some of your leaders.

Celestian stories: the old North is a complex story of human communication, where frustration, intrigue, and betrayal stand side by side with loyalty, relationships, and individual growth. If we exclude the cliché of a predetermined person or a boy / girl-saving the world, the fairy tale is suitable for a Mature target market and concerns the naked commandments of a person. Are you going to do something to make it through? Will you be infallible in protecting your trust as well as your beliefs? Or will you allow yourself to be corrupt, little by little, in the name of good?

Featuring a tower-based combat system with lots of personalities, as well as a selection of festive modifications, Celestian tales lets you play the game on your own in your design. Log in the first decade of this legendary series of three games, as well as see on your own that it gathers to the side.

  • Ethical brawls-circumstances are presented to the player throughout the video game, which forces players to face moral issues as well as beliefs.
  • Special story — staying away from category sayings, the story brings a new method of RPG storytelling, allowing players to feel the weight of their personality’s actions.
  • Several fairy arcs – 6 selectable characters allow you to play the game from 6 different points of view. Play with a video game like all six classic RPG games-influenced by the timeless JRPGs with a rotating RPG combat system; players can create a personal combat design.
  • Hand-painted, rich art scene visual effects, and also the environment with the images of the characters, full of emotion, and animated characters pixel art create a full and full global experience.
  • Epic music is an overall score that captures the rhythm as well as the feel of the story as it happens.
  • Even more to come-the old North is the first episode of the planned video game trilogy, and your activities in this video game will impact the next episode of the series.