Different Types and Variants of Slot Machines

As we all know, slot machines have the same peculiarity and are virtually all similar in their mode of operation. This remains unchanged. They are easy to use and do not generally require specific knowledge to play. You usually put a single chip in it, and all you have to do is press the button to start the lines of the jackpot and maybe win it.

However, slot machines are not all identical. There are some variations of slot machines that allow casinos to offer alternatives and respond to certain desires of the players even if the goal of the game is to win money by chance. Machines vary in their game system to prevent players from getting bored.

When slot machines appeared in the 1900s, there was only one variety of games: no visible light, no flashlight to make the player sweat in the quest for a possible victory. You could only insert one piece to try to win one single jackpot:$ 5 American.

At the moment, the situation has changed. Casinos and especially American casinos have tried to see bigger. Today we can win as much as millions of dollars. The basic slot machines have disappeared and have been replaced by more attractive and attractive machines with more advanced technology.

There are Several Varieties of Slot Machines that We will Discover Below:

American Slot Machines

First, there are American slot machines. They appeared around the 1930s. They are considered in the United States as the most profitable machines than table games and account for 2/3 of the profits of the casinos. They are found especially in casinos in Las VEGAS. The principle of these slot machines allows you to win a jackpot that grows progressively with the number of coins played. This principle has been optimized to bring the progressive jackpot principle, now used all over the world and on multiple supports. The principle is to bring together several cases of slot machines to grow a common pot and thus substantial gain. We will discuss this in more detail in another article.

European Slot Machines

They consist of three to six rolls. We have already experienced this in some casinos. They are very similar to what can be seen in French schools. They are often called fruit machines. This kind of slot machine is different from American slot machines. Indeed, there are some options that are not included. Such as playing path options or multiple games on the same machine.

European slot machines are specially programmed to win a certain percentage of the jackpot. Depending on the rate of redistribution, the casino reverses on European slot machines between 90% and 95% of the money that was played.

Video Slots

The peculiarity of this type of machine allows us to see a big difference of play on the fact that there are no real rolls to spin. Video slots work with computers! Everything is electronic!

Often the opinions of the players differ. 45% of players prefer to play on electronic machines, while 55% prefer roll slot machines. With electronic slot machines, you can have up to 7 reels, which multiply the number of different combinations and decreases your chances of winning. Even if it must be admitted, on this type of machine that includes mini-games and bonus parts that real machines do not always have. Progressive jackpots are increasingly used on this type of machine, and winnings can be very high.

Jackpots are often the reason why casino players play without a soul. The year 2012 was an important year for casinos as they saw their revenue increase thanks to electronic video slots.