“Spears, not words.”

Lucienne was born to be a knight. Her family never even considered any other paths for her. Leave the dresses and the balls for women of other houses, a Leroux sits on a saddle, not a throne. A soldier since the day she’s old enough to walk, Lucienne is well versed in all aspects of war. From scouring armors to keep rust away, to grooming a destrier and even riding in a lance formation with the famed Leroux Cavalry. Her talent has gained her the favor of her uncle, the Legendary Ravager, Severin Leroux, patriarch of the House. Sending her to house Levant was a decision made easy by the fact that Lord Severin is the cousin of Count Alain Levant.

House Leroux is a military house, one respected and feared by other houses. Its leader, Baron Severin Leroux, made his legend in the countless campaigns he’s been in over the span of two decades. Be it bandits, marauding beasts or even traitorous lords, Severin has fought them all. House Leroux is famed for its Red Cavalry, a unit that rides in bright red armour atop powerful destriers. When danger threatens the land, it is House Leroux that is looked at to lead the charge.

In combat, Lucienne is a living fortress of shield and spears. She has the highest defense among the characters due to her use of the heavy shield. She is primarily a Guardian, which means her powers allow her to protect herself as well as protecting others. House Leroux does not breed knights in shining armours; they breed trained killers who will do anything to win a battle. This is shown in Lucienne’s secondary role as a Trickster, which allows her to lower the fighting ability of enemies by utilizing combat maneuvers such as targeting legs to slow enemies down, or using shield bash to stun a foe. Combined with her Guardian abilities, Lucienne can really lock enemies down.